Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roving, Sprouts, Bread and The Gold

I know it's after the fact, but I thought I'd mention that I did with the gold for The Flying Camel Ravelympics event. I still have to dye it all but I've picked Goddess Knits' Persephone Shawl pattern to knit it into.

This is the roving I'm currently spinning. It's 4 oz. of SW Merino that I dyed:

I've also been embarking on a new culinary adventure: sprouting! I used the hemp bag that is hanging above my sink in the picture to sprout some grains.

Below is the 11 grain mixture that I sprouted in 3 days. I got all my sprouting supplies and seeds from SproutPeople. They are a great company and they have lots of sprouting information on their website and their YouTube videos!!

Today I baked the sprouted grains into some homemade wheat bread.

The bread is delicious but the grains got a little crunchy. I'll have to add them a bit later in the kneading cycle on my bread machine next time.

I also have a mixture of leafy sprouts going right now in my Easy Sprout:

These are the Italian seed mix of clover, garlic and cress. They need another 2-3 days before they are done but they're already quite tasty!

I'd encourage anyone who's interest is piqued by sprouting to give it a try. It's healthy, easy, fun, and interesting. It's very rewarding to grow your own food in a couple of days and it only takes about 1 minute twice a day.