Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art Quiz and Sock Update

Below is just a fun little quiz that I saw in Coggie's blog. Since I'm a Visual Arts major I thought this would be surprises here with the results.

Quick sock update: I am done with the 1st "80's Glam Rock Sock" and am about 1/2 way done with the 2nd (past putting in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel by about 2 inches).

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Non-conformist, Visionary, and Independent

10 Abstract, 1 Islamic, 4 Ukiyo-e, 6 Cubist, -14 Impressionist and -19 Renaissance!

Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which exists independently of what may appear to others as visual realities. Western had been underpinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce an illusion of visible reality. It allowed the progressive thinking artists to show a different side to the world around them. By the end of the 19th century many artists felt a need to create a 'new kind of art' which would encompass the fundamental changes taking place in technology, science and philosophy. Abstract artists created art that was diverse and reflected the social and intellectual turmoil in all areas of Western culture.

People that chose abstract art as their preferred artform tend to be visionsaries. They see things in the world around them and in people that others may miss because they look beyond what is visual only with the eye. They rely on their inner thoughts and feelings in dealing with the world around them instead of on what they are told they should think and feel. They feel freed from the tendancy to be bound by traditional thought and experiences. They look more toward their own ideas and experiences than what they are told by their religious upbringing or from scientific evidence. They tend to like to prove theories themselves instead of relying on the insight or ideas of others. They are not bound by common and mundane, but like to travel and have new experiences. They value intelligence, but they also enjoy a challenge. They can be rather argumentative when they are being forced or feel as if they are being forced to conform.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My 80's Glam Rock Socks!!!!!

The Rock Star socks have been dubbed "My 80's Glam Rock Socks." I am done with the ribbing and have about one more inch on the leg to knit. This title came about rather amusingly...

My sock epiphany (as related to my girlfriend Rachel and my friends Mark and Mike while intoxicated at Mark's apartment thursday night):

"Oh my god guys, doesn't this sock look like a child's sweater sleeve if you turn it sideways? You know...that sweater from the 80's that your Mom made you wear because you were a little $h!t and dressing you like this was her secret revenge? The sweater that she took embarrassing pictures of you in and put them up in the hallway of your home for any and all strangers, family members and friends to see whenever they visited? This is that sweater!! These are MY 80's GLAM ROCK SOCKS!!! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!!" we learned:

1. Knitting intoxicated, while humorous and enlightening, brings much frogging.


3. I must tell everyone I know about my 80's Glam Rock Socks!

4. My friends want me to knit them socks, preferably crazy ones.

6. Nostalgia directly enhances levels of awesome!

7. My Mother blatantly denies that she ever dressed me in anything as 80's-tastic as my socks.
(SHE LIES!!!...we didn't just learn this, I just thought I'd point it out)

8. Coggie is even more awesome than I thought because these are totally the BEST SOCKS

9. Everyone who lived through the 80's remembers the cartoon Jem.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coggie is awesome!! And a Finished Object!!!

Not only is Coggie responsible for giving me the confidence and advice to start knitting socks (not to mention giving me her vanilla socks pattern), and is therefore supremely awesome (well she's awesome anyways, but that ups her awesome score), but she is also an incredibly generous person!! In the mail from her today I got a set of #2 Crystal Palace DPN's and some Socks That Rock yarn in the Rock Star colorway!!!! I can't say enough thank you's!!

Be prepared to drool:

It is so scrumptious and squishy and, and, and...::hugs her yarn::
I am going to go cast on some new socks now, but before I go...

Check out the podcast Coggie does with Bams, it's called The High Fiber Diet and it is great!! They are very funny and they keep it real and there's lots of fibery goodness!

And...I finished my first pair of socks!!! (insert trimphant music here)
Yeah, that's right...I'm a sock knitter! ::happy dance::

Monday, October 13, 2008

FY Pics , Spinninfg WIP, More Leila Pics, New Book, Knitting Socks WIP

Some of my latest FY's (Finished Yarns):

The last of the Blue Icee chain plied Romeny/Mohair
(This has been done for awhile but was sitting around waiting to be photographed)

"Glee" 2-ply Ramboullet. There is a third skein of this which I haven't photographed yet but total yardage is 386 and the WPI is 28.

"Amethyst" 2-ply of superwash merino, 32 WPI and 328 yards.

2-Ply Coopworth (from the batt I got at Knox FFF), 21 WPI and 148 yards.

Spinning WIP

Plying 2oz. of bamboo and 2 oz. of BFL

As I was photographing yarn Leila became curious and I got some really cute pictures of her.

BIG NEWS!!! I have joined the dark side (feigned shame). I have learned to knit...SOCKS!! ::HAPPY DANCE:: This sock is actually done now but I haven't taken photos of it. I haven't cast on the 2nd one yet but I am still SO proud of myself! This is my first sock and my first knitting item. My Mom taught me the knit stitch as a child (7 or 8 I think) and I recall making a blob of yellow fabric which I inteded to be an afghan someday but never became anything.

I have been wanting to teach myself to knit socks out of my handspun for quite some time now. I finally bit the bullet and through the help of Coggie from The High Fiber Diet podcast and a couple of beginning knitting books I have picked up the DPNs!

I just used some cheapy acrylic yarn for my first socks in case I ruined the yarn through frogging. This is sport weight done on size 3 DPNs (because we don't have a LYS and I couldn't find Fingering weight yarn or #1 or #2 DPNs). I now have some Imagination Handpainted Sock Yarn in the Lost Boys colorway and Harmony Wood DPNs on order from KnitPicks.

Yeah those are my rainbow PJ pants!! :)

I also have a new book!!! YAAAAYY!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I've been tagged by Steffi for the "6 Random Things About Me" meme.

Here are the rules....
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1. I am obsessively in love with llamas! They are my favorite animal and I hope to own a few someday. I feel like I have a llama personality...but I don't spit.

2. I'm a pescatarian (I don't eat meat other than fish), because I'm allergic to meat (it gives me migraines), not because I feel any moral obligation to avoid eating animals.

3. I play Dungeons and Dragons every week with my friends. (Yup, I'm a dork)

4. I am a hardcore bibliophile; when I was little my parents would punish me by taking away my books because I wouldn't sleep, I'd just stay up all night reading. I always had all the flashlights in the house hidden in my room (with dead bulbs and batteries of course) and my parents used to take the bulb out of my overhead light at night to keep me from turning it on to read. I now have hundreds of books and my addiction will never be slaked.

5. My paternal Grandmother was the most important person in my life growing up and I spent more time with her than at home sometimes. I spent Sunday's with her from the time I was 11 until I left home for college and I practically lived with her during the summer. She taught me to sew, cook, garden, quilt, and so much more!! She was my friend, my confidant, my counselor, my teacher and a surrogate Mother to me when I was having difficult times with my own Mother while I was growing up. She passed on March 7th and I feel her with me every day.

6. Umm...hmm....something else random...oh, I hate butter because it freaks me out. It looks disgusting and I don't look at it, eat it or touch it unless I absolutely have to (like when I'm making sugar cookies). For some reason it gives my the heebie jeebies. It doesn't bother me if it's melted or once it's mixed in with something though. One year I went to the state fair, and my friend didn't warn me that we were in the building with the butter sculpture even though she knew I have this weird phobia :::shudder::: traumatic!!! (I'm not really afraid of it, but the sight of it gives me the heebies in the same way that some people get the heebies when they see spiders or something, so my friends like to pick on me and tell me I'm afraid of's just squicky!!) Blech, I've got the skin crawlies just talking about it!

I've tagged Rachel (I didn't tag anyone else cause I don't like to bug people, well...other than Rach...and even though I'm not bugged by being tagged I feel bad and I don't know that many bloggers very well so I thought that might be weird and yeah).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knox Farm Fiber Festival

As I mentioned in an earlier post I visited the Knox Farm Fiber Festival on the 27th. My GF and one of my good friends went with me and we had a blast! They were quite patient with me as I dragged them from booth to booth and back again, visited the llamas 3 or 4 times and searched for a sheep shearing that was advertised but no one in the place knew anything about. Did I mention the LLAMAS!?!? I LOVE LLAMAS, they are my fav animal (okay, it might be more like an obsession, but I WILL own llamas some day)!!!! All in all it was a great day and I got a great fiber haul (not to mention Mighty Taco on the way home!!!!)

This is my haul on my car:

I got 6 oz. of washed llama (it has some VM but I'm hand picking it and I'm scoping out some Indigo Hound Viking combs):

And a closeup:

4 oz. of combed llama top:

8 oz. of BFL (OMG I know why it's so popular it's luscious!!!):

A 2.5 oz. Coopworth batt:

A closeup:

2 oz. of Bamboo:

2 oz. of Tencel:

1 oz. each Silk Caps (in my fav colors):

8 g Silk Hankie:

Of course I couldn't post about the fiber fest without showing some animals!!

A very sweet female llama who liked to go in circles and trip you with her lead:

A very cranky male alpaca who growled at everyone:

3 very mean sheep who kept coming up to the fence like they were going to let us pet them and then scooting off to the far end of the pen whenever we got closer than 6 inches to them (they were taunting us!!!):

A llama momma and some babies from the booth I bought my llama fiber from (squeeee!!):