Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Yarn Completed!

Here's my very first completed handspun yarn!! I decided to leave it as a single, as opposed to plying it. This is after winding it as a skein, measuring it, soaking it to set the twist and hanging it to dry. It is slightly unbalanced with an ever so gentle twist to the left, but I am ecstatic as it's my first attempt and is nearly balanced!!
Details: 2 oz. of Ashland Bay Trading Co.'s "Multi-Purple" colonial wool roving
60 Yards
WPI:~7 (it is slubby so its hard to accurately measure it)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Dropspindle and My First Spun Single!!

This is my new dropspindle!! It just came in the mail yesterday from anniemay123 who is a great seller on ebay and who I'd recommend to anyone looking into drop spinning. She and her husband make and hand paint the spindles. In the kit I purchased, I recieved the bottom whorl drop spindle, 2oz. of "Multi-Purple" wool roving from Ashland Bay Trading Co., 2 pamphlets from Interweave Press on drop spinning, and two fiber samples (a "Lavender" Superwash Merino top and a natural "Coffee" colored combed Alpaca, both of which are amazingly lovely).

On the spindle right now is my very first single! I am very excited and I can't wait to spin the rest of the fiber and ply them!!

FO's and Help From Orpheus

These are pictures of our kitty Orpheus helping me block Rach's Yule/4-year Anniversary scarf. This is the first project I've ever blocked and boy it's times like these that I'm glad I'm also a quilter, because I've got plenty of rust-proof pins! I finished both scarves on time; sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but school has been pretty busy already.

Awwww...look at him, he thinks he's so helpful!!

Here is Orpheus' Yule present, already a bit chewed.

Here is my sister's Birthday scarf being blocked:

Also a closeup:

I'm pretty satisfied with how both scarves turned out, although Rach's scarf resisted my blocking and has started to curl up again grrr!!