Custom Llayover Tote FAQ

Do you make custom Llayover Totes?
Why yes we do! We love bringing custom creations to our customers! :)

How do I request a custom Llayover Tote?
You can e-mail us the specs at You can also convo us on Etsy, or direct message us on Ravelry.

How long does it take to get a custom Llayover Tote?
Usually 1-2 weeks after receiving the fabric your tote will be finished, photographed and listed on our Etsy shop. You will be notified via Etsy convo or e-mail directly after your reserved Etsy listing is created. 

The turnaround time period is subject to change depending on how many custom orders are being worked on at a time as well as other business demands such as shows or festivals. If the turnaround time will be longer than 2 weeks you will be notified before order specifications are finalized.

How much does a custom Llayover Tote cost?
If you have no price-altering modifiers (see below) then your tote will be normally priced. Our normal prices are $15 for a medium, $12 for a small. (subject to change) 

Do you require a down payment for my custom Llayover Tote?
At this time we do not require any payment in advance or down payment. We have amazing customers who are very reliable and honest, but we do reserve the right to change our custom order payment policy if we decide it becomes necessary in the future. We sincerely hope this is never necessary.

What size Llayover Totes can I choose from?
At the moment the choices are Small or Medium. Please indicate which size you would like in your custom order request to help streamline the process.

Are you making/planning on making a Large Llayover Tote?
We are currently in the product testing phase of our Large Llayover Tote.

How can I know when the Large Llayover Tote is available?
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, join our Ravelry group, subscribe to our Blog, or sign up for our E-Newsletter. We will be announcing the product launch on all of these forums. In fact, connecting with us in any or all of these ways is an excellent choice to keep up-to-date on all Llady Llama Fiber Co. goings-on.

How do I choose my fabric?
There are 3 options:
You can pick out your own fabric online, send us the link and have us purchase your fabric.
You can buy your own fabric and send it to us.
You can give us an idea of the fabric you would like and have us look for something for you.

What are the fabric stipulations?
We need at least ½ yard each of 2 co-ordinating fabrics. This applies to both of the current bag sizes. Fabric MUST be 100% cotton and at least 44” wide.

If Llady Llama Fiber Co. purchases my fabric does it effect the cost of the finished tote?
If the fabric + shipping works out to more than $5/yard then yes your bag price will be increased to $18 for a medium tote and $15 for a small. (subject to change)

If I send my fabric to Llady Llama Fiber Co. does it effect the cost of the finished tote?
Yes, supplying your own fabric reduces the price of a medium tote to $10 and a small tote to $8 unless you choose any other price-altering modifiers. 

*You are responsible for the price of shipping the fabric to us. 
*Leftover fabric will not be returned unless special arrangements are made. 
*We reserve the right to re-make your custom tote or use the leftover fabric unless special     
  arrangements are made.

Can I have a longer strap on my custom tote?
Why certainly! Please provide a strap length when requesting your Llayover Tote to streamline the process. Longer straps add $3 to the cost of the finished tote.

What about buttons?
If you want specific buttons please indicate this when requesting your Llayover Tote to streamline the process. Each tote requires 4 (two on each side) shank-style buttons of the same diameter. If no button preference is specified then we will choose matching buttons. If the specific buttons you request are overly expensive we will add $2 to the price of the finished tote. Otherwise, there is no additional charge.

Can I have (something not specified here)?
It never hurts to ask us! If you would like something else customized on your tote that is not discussed here then please e-mail us at or convo us on Etsy. We are happy to say that we have never turned down a custom request to date, although we do reserve the right to do so.