Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Blog is Born

I have finally broken down and joined the age of the blog. Who knew it would be a traditional craft/art form that would persuade me to it! I have known how to crochet for many years but until recently had never felt the urge to plumb the depths of possibility crochet holds. Now it seems that the drive to explore this fiber art is well on its way to obsession. This blog will serve as a networking tool and showcase for my WIP's and completed crochet projects, as well as any other tidbits I throw in.

Starting right off, here is my very first amigurumi:

This adorable cephalopod is not my pattern but a slight adaptation of PepperKitty's original creation. I made this for a friend of the family's 4-month-old daughter for the winter holiday.

Yarn Used:
Red Heart Soft Baby (In Lilac and Fresh Mint)
Black Worsted (For eyes)


  1. He's really cute! I love the colors! Would love to see some of your printmaking work too.

  2. Thanks!! I will be posting the book here when I am done with it since it relates to drop spindles and handspun thread.

    I have really been wanting to learn to spin on a drop spindle lately, hence the inspiration for my project. :)