Monday, January 7, 2008

Dropspindle Printmaking Book-Image Heavy!!

While this doesn't directly relate to crochet, this is my final project for my Contemporary Intaglio Printmaking class this semester. Some of the pics aren't great and one is quite fuzzy, but I'll retake them another time. This is the book that I purchased the handspun wool for (and which I still have most of a skein left of!!!). I am getting interested in drop spinning and I explore feminist themes in my work, so this book was born. It is stuffed with fiberfill so it's kinda poofy now but it is currently being pressed to compact the fibers and achieve a denser look.
Please excuse the mess in the background, these were taken in a hurry during finals week in our office so it's kinda trashed. Writing 4 or 5 final papers in a space will do that. :)

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  1. oh glory, is that blue peruvian hand spun wool? ps it's ashleeeyyy and i am lame and check this blog daily. as well as all those knit blogs and ruined me.
    have a nice break!