Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Yarn Completed!

Here's my very first completed handspun yarn!! I decided to leave it as a single, as opposed to plying it. This is after winding it as a skein, measuring it, soaking it to set the twist and hanging it to dry. It is slightly unbalanced with an ever so gentle twist to the left, but I am ecstatic as it's my first attempt and is nearly balanced!!
Details: 2 oz. of Ashland Bay Trading Co.'s "Multi-Purple" colonial wool roving
60 Yards
WPI:~7 (it is slubby so its hard to accurately measure it)


  1. WOW there are so many terms i don't understand here! i bet it's how bush feels when he tries to read a kids book...ah ha ha ha.

    i didnt know you had to soak yarn after spinning! how is it unbalanced??

    your faithful commentor!

  2. Yay!!! I always look forward to you commenting! :)I would never compare you to Bush, that is cruel and unusual punishment!!!!

    It's unbalanced because when hung it wants to spin on itself ever so slightly counterclockwise. It just means I probably underspun this just a tad, it doesn't mean too much until you try to crochet or knit with it, then sometimes it can put a bias into the work you're doing, but if you know about it its easy to make adjustments for in your crocheting or knitting.

    Soaking the yarn in hot water with a tad of dishsoap sets the twist and if it's a bit overspun will help to relax it a little.

    I'm so proud of my first yarn!!!

    BTW congrats again on your performance in VagMo, it was awesome!!!

  3. well, its a pretty pretty yarn!

    and thanks!

    i'm thinking about organizing in the vag mo next year :)

  4. Thanks!
    And your welcome!

    And...awesome! I think Frankie is thinking about that as well, it would be really great with you guys working on it together!

    Oh and I just got some more fiber in the mail yesterday, it's a really pretty peacock blue...I'll probably post at some point over the weekend with pics. :)