Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finished Yarn (FY) and New Singles

Here's what I've been up to:
This is an 18 wpi 162 yrd. 2 ply spun from my rose colored Merino and coffee Alpaca. I'm really pleased with how this came out (I think it might have to be something special for me) and it's super soft! It's my first time working with either of these fibers and this is made from the thinest singles I've been able to spin so far. I'm also working on developing my long draw when working with the Merino.

A closeup:

This is the first fiber I have blended myself (I'm using dog brushes right now but hope to upgrade to real carders eventually). This is a blend of the rose Merino and magenta wool blend. I have two bobbins of singles in this now and I'll be plying it (maybe with itself, maybe with a thicker rose Merino single) as soon as I finish my current plying project. Speaking of current plying projects, I'll try to upload pictures of my first 3-ply tomorrow if the 2 skeins that are hanging right now are dry by then. I'm finally plying up all the bobbins of peacock blue singles I've had lying around. So far I have 208 yrds. and I'm expecting at least double that when I'm done. I haven't measured the WPI yet but it looks like worsted weight to me. I'm very pleased with them and I hope the person I'm gifting them to will be just as thrilled!

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