Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Note

Just a quick note to say that I am still around and have lots of stuff to update. School is in full swing so I'm a bit swamped.

A few notes:
I didn't end up crossing the finish line due to a new addition to our family that came quite suddenly and occupied much of our lives for the first few weeks she was here. More on that in the next update. I did get about half way and I hope to try again next year.

Knox Farm Fiber Festival-
I will be attending the Knox Farm Fiber Festival tomorrow. It is my first fiber fest and I'm really psyched for it!!! I'll try to take lots of pics for the blog!


  1. Hi new Lesser Know Skein! I love your blog and will visit and comment often.
    I love your yarn. How long have you been spinning?
    I would love to learn how!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I'll check out your stuff too. I've only been spinning since February, but I feel like my skills have grown in leaps and bounds since then.

    Spinning is SO much fun, easy to learn and very meditative. I actually found that I enjoy it more than crocheting. It's what I do to relax and unwind (pardon the pun).

    Thanks again for checking out my blog; I was so happy to find the Lesser Known Skein group on Ravelry!