Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knox Farm Fiber Festival

As I mentioned in an earlier post I visited the Knox Farm Fiber Festival on the 27th. My GF and one of my good friends went with me and we had a blast! They were quite patient with me as I dragged them from booth to booth and back again, visited the llamas 3 or 4 times and searched for a sheep shearing that was advertised but no one in the place knew anything about. Did I mention the LLAMAS!?!? I LOVE LLAMAS, they are my fav animal (okay, it might be more like an obsession, but I WILL own llamas some day)!!!! All in all it was a great day and I got a great fiber haul (not to mention Mighty Taco on the way home!!!!)

This is my haul on my car:

I got 6 oz. of washed llama (it has some VM but I'm hand picking it and I'm scoping out some Indigo Hound Viking combs):

And a closeup:

4 oz. of combed llama top:

8 oz. of BFL (OMG I know why it's so popular it's luscious!!!):

A 2.5 oz. Coopworth batt:

A closeup:

2 oz. of Bamboo:

2 oz. of Tencel:

1 oz. each Silk Caps (in my fav colors):

8 g Silk Hankie:

Of course I couldn't post about the fiber fest without showing some animals!!

A very sweet female llama who liked to go in circles and trip you with her lead:

A very cranky male alpaca who growled at everyone:

3 very mean sheep who kept coming up to the fence like they were going to let us pet them and then scooting off to the far end of the pen whenever we got closer than 6 inches to them (they were taunting us!!!):

A llama momma and some babies from the booth I bought my llama fiber from (squeeee!!):


  1. I know I'm meant to spin because these pictures make my heart beat faster. Someday!!!

  2. Ooooh watch out, us spinners are great enablers!! I spin with a drop spindle (I took wheel classes and I'm saving up for one, but I LOVE my spindle first and foremost). My original investment in spinning was $15, but then I got hooked!

    The good thing about it is that you can try it and see if it's for you with little up front investment. The bad thing...well...it's addictive!!! Or is it a bad thing? :)