Monday, June 9, 2008

At Long Last!! ***Image Heavy*** Part 1 of 2

With the semester over I can finally catch up on all the blogging I've slacked on. So what have I been up to? Spinning! Spinning! Spinning!

Waaaaayyy Back in February my spinning bug had just the infection is full blown and here to stay!! I got this lovely pound of Peacock Blue wool top from Pollywogs in February.
So this:

...became this:

This is my homemade Lazy Kate (bobbins are PVC pipe with caps which rest on wooden dowels set into a 1"x4" which clamps to my spinning table) filled with the Peacock Blue singles and singles from 2oz. of a green wool blend procured from Strings and Things. This green is a weird shade and it looks DRAMATICALLY different in different light and against other colors...and so when plied...

...all I could think of was the Ravenclaw house colors from the HP books (yes I'm a dork)!!! This green becomes a bronzy green when plied with the blue and my Ravenclaw heart could see nothing else except a lovely house scarf crocheted from this yarn (nevermind that I was thinking of gifting it before...MINE!!!). Now all but the last bobbin of this is plied and so far I have one 66 yrd. skein and the 150 yrd. skein pictured above. I'm expecting another 150ish out of the last bobbin. This 2-ply has an approximate WPI of 12.

Here's a picture of my spinning corner. You can see my PVC Niddy Noddy, my Lazy Kate again, my spindle, what WAS left of the blue roving (it's all singles now) and also in the bowl is my first handspun and my 66yrd. "Ravenclaw" skein.

Here's a closeup of my yarn bowl:

I'll still have 6 full bobbins of the Peacock Blue after I'm done plying the last "Ravenclaw" skein and I'm going to make it into a solid color 2-ply I think. I'm really anxious to get my bobbins cleared because I've got some really exciting new fiber on my spindle and in my stash right now, but that'll have to wait until the next post!

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