Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chautauqua County Fair, Spinning Update

Yes it that time of the year again. GF and I went to the fair today before she had to go to work. She's working all evening shifts today and I have an unheard of 3 days off this week (!!!!!), so we braved the morning t-showers (it cleared off pretty much as we got there) and spent a couple of hours wandering.

Unfortunately my favorite ride of all time was closed down while we were there (major pouting!!!!), it's one of the few fair/park rides I go on and I could ride it all day!!!

Most of our time was spent looking at all the animals.

First the "zoo" animals...
Look how cute the Ring-Tailed Lemurs were all cuddled together!!!

This Black Tufted Lemur was sooo cute in his basket too!!

Now onto the livestock barns!
We saw everything but I took pictures sparingly with my phone because the quality isn't very good.

A calf (so sweet!!):

SHEEPIES!!!! Most of the sheep they had were Suffolk, Dorsets and X's but I don't remember what these were.

I saw a few breeds I'd never heard of before: Hamp, Shropshire, Dorper and this one...Montdale (their noses are so long!):

A Border Leiscester:

They were shearing and there were bags of fleece and there were yearlings and my brain fell out of my head for all of this and forgot to take pictures!! Sadly there were no wool vendors, in fact there were hardly any vendors at all this year!!! I was tempted to talk to the shearer about getting some fleece, but since I don't have combs yet, I resisted.

Then onto the goats..look at the kids!!!

And some more goats:
One of the goats in the barn (whose breed I didn't catch but had the most lovely coloring, deep reddish brown with a black stripe down its head and back) decided that once I started scratching his head I wasn't allowed to leave!!! Of course this caught all the other goats' attention and I was stuck scratching goats for 15 minutes...well there are worse things, I do love goaties!!!

Of course there was also fair food (one of my favorite parts of the Fair). We had curly fries, fried dough and fresh squeezed lemonade!!!

In spinning news: I finally finished Navajo plying the rest of the Peacock blue Colonial singles that were thinner than the ones I'm gifting. It turned out to be 16 WPI (as opposed to the 12 WPI the other skeins had!!!) and 90 yards. I also plied about 60 more yards of my shawl Alpaca and spun about a half bobbin of the Cameo singles. I have tomorrow off too and Friday so there will probably be lots of spinning going on, including my first wheel spinning on Friday!!!!!

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