Saturday, July 19, 2008

50/50 Mohair/Romney batt, Handspun WIP & Herb Garden Pics

As promised here are the pictures of the 8 oz. 50/50 Mohair/Romney batt I purchased yesterday from Strings and Things. I haven't started to spin any of this up yet but I did notice there's more VM and neps in it than I would like. It looks like quite a lot for 8oz., both the full and half batt are folded in half in the picture below. It was getting ready to rain, and the wind was picking up so I had to fold them to keep them from blowing away!! I excited to start spinning this because it contains 2 fibers I've never tried before!

A closeup:


Another closeup:

This is what has been on the Bosworth Lightweight lately (I know, I know, I should be spinning for my shawl). This is more of the rose Merino I've been working with, which I blended with the natural Soysilk I bought about a week ago. I have a much better attitude towards the Soysilk now that I've used it in a blend. The staple length of the Soysilk and the Merino are similar, blending with Merino makes the Soysilk so much easier to draft, and the Soysilk really helps add some smoothness and silkiness to the Merino. I think the Merino I purchased was very coarse in comparison to other descriptions I've heard, and it was not a joy to spin unblended. 

Fiber unpleasant to spin by itself + Fiber unpleasant to spin by itself= Very nice blend!!!

I'm anxious to try another Merino from a different source though, because I know so many people love it!

Anyways, I call this Cameo (It'll probably end up as a 2-ply):

Completely unrelated from spinning, here are some pictures of my herbs! (The bird mesh it to keep the woodchucks out grrrrrrr!!)

Tricolor Sage & Golden Oregano:

(This plant is something every spinner should grow because it's used to repel moths and other insects. I plan on making sachets filled with dried Rue and Lavender to put in my fiber and yarn stash bags.

English Lavender and Lemon Balm:

Winter Savory and Sweet Marjoram:

Basil (Which only looks droopy because its not time for their evening watering yet and I'm hoping it'll rain soon. You fellow herb growers should know basil is the first to start drooping on these blasted hot days!!)

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