Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Peacock Navajo Ply, Alpaca Single, Spinning Wheel Savings Update & Fiber Wish List

Below is my first attempt at Navajo plying, which I finally figured out thanks to a very informative video posted by Rexenne AKA Crow Calling Woman:

I prefer the navajo plying method to traditional 3-ply, which tends to tangle on me. I could not Navajo ply my very fine singles without it breaking, but perhaps with practice I can. I think it would be easier on a wheel, as your hands are not also trying to control the spin. This skein and the little one on the niddy noddy equal 176 yrds. I still have some singles left to ply, but they are much thinner so I'm going to keep them for myself and just gift away the 12 wpi skeins.

On the spindle right now is some of the coffee alpaca that is destined to become a 2-ply for the shawl I'm going to make myself.

I had a very good week for tips last week and my Spinning Wheel Savings Jar total is now $84.50, more than a sixth of the way!!!!! At this pace I hope to have my wheel before the fiber festival!!

Fiber Wish List (A list of fibers I have not yet tried that I simply must ASAP in order of urgency)
Silk (Hankies are what I really have a HANKERING for lol)
Mohair locks
Superwash Merino

Now is it apparent why I'm looking for a lightweight drop spindle? LOL
I'm sure this list won't be fulfilled for quite some time, but when it is, I've got another in the wings.


  1. I love Rexenne's videos! And navajo plying is fun. If you want to give traditional three ply a try again sometime, check out Abby's blog. She has a really nice plying technique that even leaves a hand free to drink your fav cold beverage or *gasp* hold a book while you ply!

  2. I follow Abby's blog but haven't seen that technique, I'll have to check it out!!