Monday, July 7, 2008

A New Baby in the Family, FY & Spinning Wheel Fund Update

Below is my brand new Bosworth Featherweight Top Whorl Walnut drop spindle which my wonderful GF bought me from Bellwether. After searching and searching for just the right lightweight to bring into my new spindle family, I stumbled upon Bosworth spindles. I am thrilled with my new baby and it spins Alpaca like a breeze! The single on the spindle is an Alpaca fiber sample sent with my spindle, just the same fiber and color as my current spinning project, how perfect!! Of course after ripping into the box (after getting home from an exhausting and HOT day at work, nothing is quite the same as getting a package, particularly a spinning-related one that you weren't expecting for a few more days!!) and admiring the beauty of this tiny little spindle, I set to work testing it out. I can't give this spindle enough praise!! This is the first top whorl I've ever used and I just love it, and it spins forever!!! No more breakage problems with my Alpaca singles from now on! ::HAPPY DANCE::

I love my other spindle, and it's great for some fibers and yarn weights, but at just under 2 oz. my Alpaca singles were slipping and snapping, and I was dropping my spindle over and over. ::tear:: Even adding tons of twist didn't help...I knew I just needed the right tool for the job!

The Bosworth Lightweight in Walnut weighs just .38 oz.!!!

This is my latest FY. I separated the light streak from the navy wool blend I purchased awhile ago and spun it as a thin single while spinning the rest as a thick and thin single. I am really happy with the effect gained from plying the two as the thin single acts as a highlight. This is 62 yrds. made from 2oz. of a wool blend sold for felting in my LYS. I always dig through the basket of wool blend bits the owner has while I'm there and I was surprised when she told me that she'd never thought of spinning with it!! The fibers aren't as tangled as I expected from felting fiber, drafting it wasn't very hard, and while it's not the nicest stuff, I think it looks great as an inexpensive novelty yarn!
Oh and a quick update on the Spinning Wheel Fund, I am over 1/4 of the way to my wheel!!!

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