Monday, October 13, 2008

FY Pics , Spinninfg WIP, More Leila Pics, New Book, Knitting Socks WIP

Some of my latest FY's (Finished Yarns):

The last of the Blue Icee chain plied Romeny/Mohair
(This has been done for awhile but was sitting around waiting to be photographed)

"Glee" 2-ply Ramboullet. There is a third skein of this which I haven't photographed yet but total yardage is 386 and the WPI is 28.

"Amethyst" 2-ply of superwash merino, 32 WPI and 328 yards.

2-Ply Coopworth (from the batt I got at Knox FFF), 21 WPI and 148 yards.

Spinning WIP

Plying 2oz. of bamboo and 2 oz. of BFL

As I was photographing yarn Leila became curious and I got some really cute pictures of her.

BIG NEWS!!! I have joined the dark side (feigned shame). I have learned to knit...SOCKS!! ::HAPPY DANCE:: This sock is actually done now but I haven't taken photos of it. I haven't cast on the 2nd one yet but I am still SO proud of myself! This is my first sock and my first knitting item. My Mom taught me the knit stitch as a child (7 or 8 I think) and I recall making a blob of yellow fabric which I inteded to be an afghan someday but never became anything.

I have been wanting to teach myself to knit socks out of my handspun for quite some time now. I finally bit the bullet and through the help of Coggie from The High Fiber Diet podcast and a couple of beginning knitting books I have picked up the DPNs!

I just used some cheapy acrylic yarn for my first socks in case I ruined the yarn through frogging. This is sport weight done on size 3 DPNs (because we don't have a LYS and I couldn't find Fingering weight yarn or #1 or #2 DPNs). I now have some Imagination Handpainted Sock Yarn in the Lost Boys colorway and Harmony Wood DPNs on order from KnitPicks.

Yeah those are my rainbow PJ pants!! :)

I also have a new book!!! YAAAAYY!!!


  1. Welcome to the world of socks! They look great, warm and soft.
    I just love working the DPNs

  2. Your yarn is gorgeous! And there's so much! Your sock looks great :)

  3. Your yarn is beautiful!!! I'm jealous--I've been trying to figure out the drop spindle for months and still can't get it ;) Your socks look fabulous.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm working on my 2nd sock now (just finished the cuff). I am definitely addicted to sock knitting now!

    Thanks for the compliments on my yarn! I'll have a few more pics to post of my finished yarn as soon as it stops raining around here so that I can go outside and get some nice light.

    Beth-what part seems to be tripping you up? I might be able to give you some drop spinning advice (I'm a pretty new spinner, but that also means I've worked through lots of mistakes).

  5. WOO HOO on your sock !!The sock looks great!! Can't wait to see the finished pic and the second sock :)
    I mailed off a package to you today :) I meant to get it in the mail last week, but life and college got ahold of me.
    So you have a skein of socks that rock in rock star and a set of crystal palace size 2 needles coming to you for you to play with as well.