Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coggie is awesome!! And a Finished Object!!!

Not only is Coggie responsible for giving me the confidence and advice to start knitting socks (not to mention giving me her vanilla socks pattern), and is therefore supremely awesome (well she's awesome anyways, but that ups her awesome score), but she is also an incredibly generous person!! In the mail from her today I got a set of #2 Crystal Palace DPN's and some Socks That Rock yarn in the Rock Star colorway!!!! I can't say enough thank you's!!

Be prepared to drool:

It is so scrumptious and squishy and, and, and...::hugs her yarn::
I am going to go cast on some new socks now, but before I go...

Check out the podcast Coggie does with Bams, it's called The High Fiber Diet and it is great!! They are very funny and they keep it real and there's lots of fibery goodness!

And...I finished my first pair of socks!!! (insert trimphant music here)
Yeah, that's right...I'm a sock knitter! ::happy dance::