Saturday, October 18, 2008

My 80's Glam Rock Socks!!!!!

The Rock Star socks have been dubbed "My 80's Glam Rock Socks." I am done with the ribbing and have about one more inch on the leg to knit. This title came about rather amusingly...

My sock epiphany (as related to my girlfriend Rachel and my friends Mark and Mike while intoxicated at Mark's apartment thursday night):

"Oh my god guys, doesn't this sock look like a child's sweater sleeve if you turn it sideways? You know...that sweater from the 80's that your Mom made you wear because you were a little $h!t and dressing you like this was her secret revenge? The sweater that she took embarrassing pictures of you in and put them up in the hallway of your home for any and all strangers, family members and friends to see whenever they visited? This is that sweater!! These are MY 80's GLAM ROCK SOCKS!!! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!!" we learned:

1. Knitting intoxicated, while humorous and enlightening, brings much frogging.


3. I must tell everyone I know about my 80's Glam Rock Socks!

4. My friends want me to knit them socks, preferably crazy ones.

6. Nostalgia directly enhances levels of awesome!

7. My Mother blatantly denies that she ever dressed me in anything as 80's-tastic as my socks.
(SHE LIES!!!...we didn't just learn this, I just thought I'd point it out)

8. Coggie is even more awesome than I thought because these are totally the BEST SOCKS

9. Everyone who lived through the 80's remembers the cartoon Jem.


  1. ummm wow, those are awesome socks:)
    I love STR colorways and just had to share.

  2. LOL Yeah I'm a little crazy...but these are coming out really cool and it is exciting. I'm SO in love with them. TY TY TY again!!

    I'm definitely in love with STR now, if only the Rockin' Sock Club weren't so hard to get into...I still might try for the 09' sign up.

  3. I was an 80s mom and I never did that to my daughters. Well I don't think I did. I will ask them today.
    They loved Jem!!!

  4. LOL Well you can't not love Jem, it's too crazy and full of awful plot devices. Even now I can enjoy it just because it's great to realize how bad it is!