Friday, July 18, 2008

First Spinning Class, New Fiber Stash, Spinning Wheel Savings Update

I signed up for my first spinning class today. It's going to be on Friday the 25th at my LFS & I'm going to be learning on a Kiwi. I also found out from the owner that she sells wheels on consignment, and I only need a 2/3rds down payment. I am only about 100 dollars away from the 2/3 mark!!! ::HAPPY DANCE!!:: She does carry the Traveller and I was trying very hard not to drool over it!

As a consolation prize I purchased 8oz. of a 50/50 Mohair/Romney blend in blues and greys (I'll try to post pictures tommorow, it was too dark by the time I got home tonight).

We also stopped at two local farm stands and got more fresh goodies. The other day we got fresh local cherries, raspberries and sugar and butter corn on the cob, yummy!!!! Today I got 2 zuchinni, an onion, 2 heads of garlic and a pint of blueberries!!!! I love harvest times, but I sure miss the orchard I grew up by!!

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