Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alpaca 2-ply, Silk Hankies & Soysilk

Last night I finished plying the first of the coffee Alpaca singles. Today (my only day off as I've been working 6 day weeks) I was rewarded with a much expected package. I ordered some more fiber stash from Woodland Woolworks and today it arrived!!!This is a 1 oz. stack of silk hankies in the Abalone colorway which is currently being spun on my Featherweight.
I also got 4 oz. of natural-colored soysilk, which I can tell will be interesting to work with (read frustrating), but its soooo pretty!
This bad picture is of my first skein of coffee Alpaca 2-ply. Yardage is 116, WPI is 18. The cat almost lost one of his lives over this skein as he decided to wrap himself up in it as I was winding it onto the niddy noddy. This was after I had already become frustrated with plying (I was plying on my Annie May) as I couldn't fill the spindle as full as I wanted without the yarn snapping. I have more singles to ply, including one 1/4-filled bobbin, but I think I need a breather from it. Luckily that wonderful set of distractions has been added to my fiber stash today; what perfect timing!!

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